Parabens found in breast cancer tumors

Parabens have been taking the blame for the increase in breast cancer the last few years. I personally can not find a study that can substantiate these claims. In saying that, I can't find a study that debunks this theory either. What I do find is that more testing is required.

In the early seventies, it was revealed that breast cancer tumors contain trace amounts of several metals. One of which was aluminum, which is an ingredient in some antiperspirants.

In a recent study, parabens were found in tumor samples taken from cancer patients. These chemicals are found in most skin care products from shampoo, to antiperspirants, to cosmetics. They also have also been proven to be easily absorbed by the skin.

Evidently more testing needs to be done but in light of the information I have read thus far. I have decided to stop using any products with parabens in them. There are products out there that are natural and free of these chemicals.

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