Moles Warts and Skin Tags

I know what is is like to deal with moles, warts and skin tag. I either have or have had all three at some point in my life.

The moles started appearing at a very young age and have been steadily multiplying ever since. Especially on my face. I got some of them removed at a dermatologist office, but it was painful and left a small scar.

The skin tags appeared during my first pregnancy. During my second pregnancy they were much worse. I think this is because I was pregnant during the summer and sweated a lot more. I can't find any medical information to back this up, but the more research I do the more I realize how the medical community just has no idea what they are and how they are caused. These are painful to remove as they contain nerve cells. Not to mention that if you cut them off yourself they really bleed a lot.

The warts are another thing, I had a few when I was really young and have never really had too much of a problem with them since, however, one of my kids loves to take his shoes and socks off every where. He has gotten a few on his feet and we tried all the over the counter medication we could. None of which worked.

We did find some information that has worked for all three. I am a big fan of natural products and something that is so effective. If you are looking for a a natural treatment before you start using chemicals, of go under the knife click here.