Emollients for treating skin conditions.

Emollients are ingredients that soften the skin and give the product a soft, smooth feeling. They are not all created equal. Most are used in certain concentrations by pharmacies as a base for medicated creams as they are so easily absorbed by the skin. They also significantly help adhere cosmetics to the surface of the skin. Because they are lubricating, emollients are also used as active agents in cosmetics to achieve an altering of your physical appearance.

Emollients sit on the surface of the skin and prevents water loss or dehydration. They are generally made up of large molecules that help prevent water from leaving the surface of the skin. Therefore they help stop water evaporation. Emollients are often referred to as protectants and are frequently used as vehicles for both cosmetics and drugs. They are also excellent spreading agents. There are many different types and textures of emollients.

One of the most commonly used emollients by pharmacists is Aquaphor. It has no added fragrances or preservatives that can irritate sensitive skin. Great for anyone with any atopic conditions of the skin.

Another common emollient is Vaseline. It feels and protects a lot like the Aquaphor but doesn't contain the mineral oils that Aquaphor does.