Contour thread lift, much cheaper than a face lift.

Contour thread lift is an FDA approved nonabsorbent thread. The physician makes a tiny incision or puncture in the temporal area and the Contour Threads are inserted under the skin. The tiny barbs on each thread open in a umbrella-like fashion to form a support structure that gently lifts sagging tissues of the brow, face and neck. Once in position, your body generates new collagen bundles that encapsulate each thread to help maintain the elevation or lifting effect. The exact placement of the threads will vary from patient to patient. The technique can be used to lift sagging cheeks jowls and create a better balance for eyebrows.

The procedure usually takes less than an hour depending on the number of threads. The more threads the better the result. Patients can go home immediately afterward.

The Average price of a contour thread lift is about $2500.00 however this price can fluctuate depending on the desired results. I have talked to some ladies that only ended up paying $1600.00 and others that paid well over $3000.00.

After the procedure the face must be kept immobile for several days. This is to keep the threads for coming loose. No loud laughing, minimal talking, no facial rubbing, sleeping on your back, and avoiding opening your mouth too wide. These restrictions are usually lifted after three weeks. But most patients return to work after three days.


  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Infection
  • Temporary dimpling
  • Threads popping out of the skin


  • Immediate results
  • No general anesthesia
  • Cost less than a face lift
  • Lasts three to five years
  • Threads do not dissolve over time
  • Results said to be improved with the use of Botox, dermal fillers chemical peels or laser therapy.